Welcome to EPW620/720 this fine Fall 2012 semester! It was wonderful meeting all of you and hearing about all of your projects. I can't tell you how excited I am to make this semester a grand new adventure for all of us.  

For your Advanced Novel Writing Workshop hybrid class, this site will provide you with the syllabus, handouts, and announcements important to your successful performance in this class.

Under *COMMENTS* in the menu bar at top right, you will also find the Interactive Forum you will use to earn your participation points in those alternating weeks in which we are not meeting in person. This semester, you must post by 9 PM every Saturday.

For your first step, I ask that you click on the PHILOSOPHY AND BIO tab and scroll down to the list entitled THE SUPPORTIVE & CHALLENGING WORKSHOP: 10 WAYS TO MAKE IT HAPPEN! so that you have a sense of what I expect in class and workshop.
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